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Save time doing your administration

Updated: Jan 3

Automatic bank connection

You can choose to download your changes from your Bank's internet portal and read them in your administration. This often turns out to take a lot of time than when you use the automatic bank connection. After you have given Yoursminc permission to read your changes from your bank portal, you no longer have to worry about this and all transactions on your bank account are automatically read and included in the account statement within Yoursminc.

Major Belgium and Dutch bank support the Yoursminc auto bank link

All major Belgiam and Dutch banks are supported.

For more information, see: Activate the automatic bank link

Scan & Capture

With the Scan & Capture, you submit your Purchase Invoices/Expenses in one go, after which they are read and immediately saved as a booking proposal, which you can easily make 'Final' so that they are processed within your administration (including the VAT return ). In short, a real time-saver!

The Scan& Capture, is available free of charge to all users of Yoursminc Online Boekhouden.

For more information, see: Scan & Recognize

Save time by scanning your expenses and purchase invoices



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