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Free switching

You may want to switch from another application in which you have been doing your bookkeeping for some time. We obviously appreciate that you want to switch to Yoursminc Online Bookkeeping and are happy to help you with that.

Our switching service supports the transfer of:

  • Contact details (of your customers and suppliers)

  • Products and/or Services

  • Invoices (sales invoices)

  • Expenses (purchase invoices)

In addition, it is also possible to read a complete administration, using an Audit file. This contains all basic data (contacts, products, general ledger accounts, products and bookings). Most accounting packages allow you to create such an Audit file. If in doubt, contact the supplier of your current package.

If you send us this information, we will do our best to place it in your administration. You must first register for a Yoursminc Online Bookkeeping trial subscription.


Your file(s) have been sent successfully.

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