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Uploading bank transactions

Import bank transactions

Uploading and processing

All banks allow you to export transactions (receipts and payments) on your bank account in a CODA or CAMT.053 file. By then reading such a file into Yoursminc, all these transactions will be included in your administration at once and you can process them further.

Processing bank transactions mainly consists of assigning receipts from your customers to invoices you had previously sent or assigning payments you have made in response to expenses you have incurred within your company.

Supported formats include: MT940, CAMT053, CODA and CSV from all large banks in both Netherlands and Belgium.

Assign / match

As a result, you have a completely 'up to date' bank book with all your receipts and payments allocated to invoices and expenses. The assignments to invoices and expenses also result in the automatic recording that they have been paid. In other words, your outstanding items are immediately updated in this way, so that you also have an overview of which invoices or expenses still need to be paid.

Match bank transactions with invoices and expenses
Automatic processing of fixed costs

Automatic processing of fixed costs

By using 'Booking Rules' you are able to automatically process common expenses such as "Rent" or "Telephone costs" within the administration. This will save you enormous time when processing your bank statements.

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