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Bookkeeping, how do you keep it fun?

Updated: Jan 3

You have to want to do accountingBookkeeping is not something that makes most entrepreneurs happy. As an entrepreneur you have chosen to do what you are good at and enjoy. For most entrepreneurs, accounting does not belong to these categories. Self-employed people or small entrepreneurs in particular have little time to deal with administrative matters. But you don't just do bookkeeping for others such as the Tax Authorities or the bank. You also benefit from good administration:

  1. You remain involved in the finances and can make timely adjustments.

  2. Good and fast invoicing ensures timely payments.

  3. By making timely payments you can also pay on time.

  4. A balanced administration ensures a fast and error-free tax return.

  5. By keeping track of (most of) it yourself, you save on costs for an administration office.

You must be able to do accountingYou have to be able to do bookkeeping. Good accounting stands or falls with a sound setup. Fortunately, Yoursminc has thought about this! By reasoning from the perspective of a 'small' entrepreneur, Yoursminc has been able to develop a program that meets the needs of the 'small' entrepreneur. No unnecessary information and difficult terms, but a program with which you can quickly and clearly update your administration. The preset templates for invoices, quotes and reports now make accounting a piece of cake! Speaking of pennies: it is also very affordable.

Yoursminc in short:

  1. Application is simple, clear and user-friendly.

  2. Safety comes first.

  3. Anywhere, anytime within reach.

  4. Works on any device.

You have to do bookkeepingDiscover the benefits of an organized administration for yourself. You are not alone. If you encounter any questions, the support desk is easily accessible. You can contact the employees via the chat box, the support form or by email. You will be guided by expert professionals.

Bookkeeping, how do you keep it fun?



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