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Switch to another accounting package

Switch, why not?

Why wouldn't you? A good reason not to do it: “I am satisfied”. In that case, do not switch, never change a winning team. But are you an entrepreneur who is not satisfied with the accounting? Then read on.

Switch, why?

Costs too high

Many entrepreneurs pay too much for their accounting. Unfortunately, there are offices that charge rates that are disproportionate to the work performed. There are also very extensive accounting programs with high licensing costs. But do you use all the features of this program? Or can a simpler, yet professional accounting program suffice?

It takes too much time

You have your accounting in order, but it takes too much time because you work with different programs. Or you waste a lot of time because the program is not easy to use. Save yourself the frustration and switch to a clear accounting program, where you will find everything you need.

You have no confidence

The accounting contains confidential information that must be handled safely and discreetly. Is your administration passed from hand to hand? Is your administration not processed carefully? Or have you entered all the data correctly, but later it turns out that the accounting program has turned it into something completely different? Switch to a party that you can trust with personal information.



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