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Your bank transactions automatically imported

Updated: Jan 3

Do you also think downloading bank transactions and then uploading and processing bank transactions is a waste of time?

Then a solution has been available for you for some time now, namely: the Automatic Bank Link!

By allowing Yoursminc to import your bank transactions from your own bank portal (so secure), you will experience what a huge time saving this entails. The automatic connection will check every hour whether changes (receipts and payments) have taken place on your bank account and will then automatically import them in your administration.

Since we make this connection in collaboration with Unifiedpost ™, there are (limited) costs involved, namely €2.50 per month per linked bank account. However, we are convinced that you will find the costs well worth it given the ease and efficiency of the connection.

In the following support article we have described how to establish the connection. If you are still unable to resolve it, we are happy to help you. In that case, please contact us via the chat box, or by sending an email to

The link is now supported with most major Dutch and Belgian banks.

Auto bank import supported by all major banks



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