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Products and subscriptions


Products and services as a subscription

Yoursminc enables you to sell products and services on a subscription basis. Consider, for example, a florist who takes care of the decoration of restaurants and companies for their reception on a monthly basis, or a service provider who charges for 'hosting' server space on a monthly basis.

Subscription type

Subscriptions are recorded within the administration as if they were a product. However, for products or services that you want to offer as a subscription, you must also provide a 'Subscription type'. The subscription type determines the frequency in which the 'subscription' is delivered, such as: Every week, every month, every six months, every quarter, every year or every x days. This last option allows you to use any arbitrary number of days as a frequency.

Because subscriptions are recorded as a product, they are also available when manually creating invoices, as the following example shows:

Periodic invoicing

Periodic invoicing

In addition to the ability to include subscriptions in an invoice during invoice creation, subscriptions can be billed on a recurring billing basis. You can choose to have the relevant invoices automatically generated at the same frequency as specified for the subscription. For a further description of periodic billing, please refer to the following articles.

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